A powder made from small energy rich grains supplemented with the essential amino acids Methionine and Lysine, selected fibres and the important Omega-3 fatty acids. Adding the amino acids lysine and methionine to the grain will achieve close to a perfect balanced protein source for the pigeons.


The bird eats less, doesn't get fat and doesn't stress the kidneys excreting all those toxic nitrogen compounds. As an added bonus they breed better, have strong and healthy young birds, moult better in moulting season and produce excellent silky quality feathers!


Great new feed additive with the following benefits:

  • Enriched with the two most important amino acids for growth and feather quality: - methionine and lysine. The two essential amino acids are lacking in most grains, so an additive is important.
  • Enriched with essential Omega-3 fatty acids that improve immune defence system of breeders and young birds. Also beneficial in moulting periods.
  • Enriched with a combination of selected fibres stimulating the natural and healthy microflora in the intestines; - additionally supporting the immune defence system and healthiness in stress periods such as moulting and breeding.
  • Enriched with citric acid, thus lowering the pH and suppressing the growth of disease-causing bacteria



Adding Moulting and breeding powder to the breeder’s secures strong and healthy breeders and young birds in the breeding season and also silky and strong feathers in the moulting season. Pigeon Vitality Moult & Breed is also beneficial to add to the grain of long distance racers 2-3 days after arrival.


Dosage (concentrate):

Breeding: 1 dinner spoon (or 2 x included spoon, 10 gr.) per kilo of grain daily in the breeding period from when the YBs are 6 days old until they are weaned (moved to YB loft). Moisten grain with Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 or Wombaroo “The Good Oil”.

Moulting: 1 spoon daily, per kilo of grain, in the most intensive moulting period. Moisten the grain with Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 or Wombaroo “The Good Oil”

Racing: Add 1 spoon per kilo of grain and moisten with Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 or Wombaroo “The Good Oil”. To be given to long distance pigeons 2-3 days after arrival from race.


Price per 500 gram box

Moult & Breed powder

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