A concentrated, complete, balanced blend of all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for pigeons.


Contains 28 vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is probably the most complete multivitamin product on the market!




  • Calsiumcarbonate
  • Magnesium
  • Phospor
  • Sodium
  • Chlorine


  • A
  • B complex (B1,B2,B6,B9,B12) Nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, Biotin, Choline)
  • C
  • D3
  • E
  • K3

Trace Elements:

  • Co
  • Cu
  • Fe
  • I (calcium iodate)
  • Mn
  • Se
  • Zn

Pigeons can survive on grain and grit alone, but they cannot reach the level of health required to withstand the pressure of racing and breeding.


Eventually their health will fail under this extreme physical pressure, without the proper addition of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements as supported by MultiViTra™.


For example, there is a major increase in the minerals and trace elements required when the adult pigeons are feeding babies, but grit alone does not provide all the necessary mineral and trace elements for continuing good health.


During racing there are increased needs for energy, proteins and vitamins, as well as trace elements and minerals.


The race team tires easy and is more susceptible to fatigue related respiratory and wet canker illness when extra vitamins and minerals are not provided.



1 dinner spoon (10 gram) per kilo of grain, twice per week.

We recommend moistening the grain with Pigeon Vitality Omega-3 or Wombaroo “The Good Oil”. The fat will secure better uptake of the fat soluble vitamins.


Price per 500 gram box 


SKU: 10014