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Introduction to the GERMAN MODENESER

Satisfying a desire to bring and then breed the elegant German Modeneser to Australia was a long a quest for JAMIE RAMSEY, but the effort is already producing fine results. The ANPA committee recently approved the breed to be shown here.

I cannot recall the defining moment when I decided to attempt the importation of German Modeneser into Australia. Anyone who has imported birds knows too well the costs and risks involved. My personal track record has been ordinary to say

the least.

As a Modena breeder, the German Modeneser is very different in type and colour. Both breeds have

Schietti and Gazzi and similar colours. The colour in the German Modeneser is striking compared to a lot of Modena. There are still some very good Modena of good colour but great type is of more importance (for me anyway).

It would be very rare for me to use a great coloured Modena that had poor station and balance just to improve or advance the colour. I will leave that task to those with much more experience and patience than I have.

Like any breed, doing your homework on the best breeders to secure good stock is the first stage. Jan Lombard of South Africa suggested I make contact with Patrick Heymans of Belgium.

I first touched base with Patrick in 2015. Patrick is well known throughout Europe as one of the leading German Modeneser breeders and a very nice guy. My primary requirement was to import birds of very good type to the Standard, as opposed to choosing which colours interested me the most.

Like all breeds, some colours are much stronger than others in quality. Another valuable resource was Kurt Haagh. Kurt has retired from pigeons now but was an amazing help providing valuable advice

It appears there are many European breeders who focus specifically on certain colours. Kurt had provided names and details for every breeder and colour they specialise in.

Patrick bred six young birds for me and five out of the six managed to make the trek down under. Brown Schietti and Blue Gazzi hens and Black, Red Grizzle and Blue Grizzle Schietti cock birds. The birds landed in October 2020 and paired up immediately filling eggs with no issues (Thank you Patrick!)

From my very limited experience, these birds are amazing parents. Not only do they sit tight, they feed their young right through the squeaker stage until they are feeding on their own, whilst sitting on more eggs.

Pictured are Jamie’s imports and a Patrick Heymans bird. Above is a youngster bred by Jamie and Dylan Ramsey with a handful of Modeneser.

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