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Thanks for taking the time to find out a bit about us. We live on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia. Jamie has always been passionate about breeding birds, a love passed down from his Grandpa and Dad and one that's now being passed onto his sons, who like to show their own birds and have won awards for their efforts.  Their favourites are black Gazzi and Grizzle Modena. 

Jamie has travelling nationally and Internationally showing, judging and buying birds and has won many Nationals and International competitions. He was often asked what products he used to keep his birds in such good condition and would often buy product for his mates when ordering, which lead to the creation of JR Pet Supplies.


Jamie has chosen the best products from around the world to help hobbyists, breeder and competitors have healthy, happy and great looking birds. We hope your birds enjoy them.


About the products - Pigeon Vitality                              

The company Pigeon Vitality was founded in 2001 by Dr. Frode Brakstad. 

In the 90s Frode worked as an R & D manager in Norsk Hydro’s Animal Nutrition group. Being a dedicated fancier, Frode noticed that some of the natural organic acids they worked with in Norsk Hydro had a remarkable effect on his pigeons zest for flying. Thus he saw a new business opportunity for combining his professional interest for nutritional feed additives and his racing pigeon hobby, and Pigeon Vitality was founded.

By some experiments he formulated and patent protected the product Improver, still a world-wide best seller in the Pigeon sport. Improver acts as a "green antibiotic", i.e. inhibit and kill the pathogenic bacteria while it at the same time stimulates the good lactic acid bacteria. Since the launch of Improver 15 years ago, many new products have been developed one by one to fulfil the complete need of feed additives for pigeons.

More and more fancier’s word wide are using Pigeon Vitality products, both because of its simplicity and because of the remarkable effect on the pigeon’s performance. At present the Pigeon Vitality products have a strong presence in all parts of the word.